What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Everything was great, exceeded my expectations. AJ and Mike were thorough and patient and meticulously cleaned up after removing drywall. MJ was reassuring and helpful from my first phone call and throughout. Thank you all so much.

We went away for the weekend and came home to find out that a water valve on the wall had burst and leaked a lot of water into our home.  I immediately called my insurance company (Allstate), who recommended me to SERVPRO.

Within a few hours I had several members of the SERVPRO team at my home setting up equipment and getting rid of the water that was covering over 2700 square feet of my home.

Over the next several weeks the team at SERVPRO helped me get everything back to normal.  My floor was replaced, my plumbing repaired and thing got back to normal at my house.

The most helpful and surprising part of the process was when it came time to repair my kitchen cabinets.  SERVPRO has their construction manager come look at the damage.  He quoted me $5000 to have it repaired, which my insurance company approved.

A friend of mine, who is a professional carpenter offered to redo the entire kitchen for $7,000.  SERVPRO worked with my insurance company to make that happen, even though it meant they did not get my business to restore the kitchen.

I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone!


The gentlemen were very knowledgeable and courteous. The technicians that came throughout the process were so friendly that we'll kind of miss them. Even our dog liked them - never barked when they came.

I want to take this opportunity to commend your employees who performed work at our home following a flood on our first floor. They are all a credit to your company.

Mike Train and Marty Hoffman hung some very heavy mirrors and pictures for us. They performed the task with precision in their measurements and displayed genuine care in handling the items.

Cindy and her packing crew executed their tasks efficiently and carefully. They packed every item with great care and showed the same care when loading the truck. Additionally, they performed the return offload in an outstanding manner.

These employees were a pleasure to have in our home. They displayed professionalism, a can-do spirit, a respectful and personable demeanor, and genuine customer service during their work.

We will recommend SERVPRO at any chance we get.

Their team always arrived on a timely manner and they were also so very polite.

They were very helpful and understanding. Thank you for all the help in my time of need