Water Damage Photo Gallery

Standing Water

Standing Water in Lake Buena Vista

Not knowing what to do when you walk into a building like this and end up costing you thousands more in secondary damages. Knowing who to call is the critical first step. Call SERVPRO of Apopka/Wekiva at (407) 788-3124. 

Standing Water on Commercial Carpet

Standing Water on Commercial Carpet

Received a call to an office in Windermere this afternoon found this! The cause was a broken water main, if you ever find yourself with unwanted water in your building count on SERVPRO of Apopka/Wekiva to help you get back to business ASAP.

Water Damage In Your Home

Water Damage In Your Home

Water is one of the most destructive forces on the planet. Whether you have a plumbing leak, a roof leak, or any other water damage give SERVPRO a call to stop the flooding and get your home repaired quickly.

Photo of water damaged furniture

Protecting Your Furniture from Water Damaged Carpet

Technicians block or pad furniture after a water loss to ensure the furniture is not damaged by the wet flooring. This also keeps carpet from being damaged by the wet stain or dyes coming off of furniture that might have been damaged by water.

Photo of SERVPRO Crew

Crews Arrive at a Water Loss

Our crews arrive at a water loss and begin unloading equipment to be set. Our response time is promised to be within 4 hours of the first phone call, however, we are generally on site within 2 hours for any local water loss.

Photo of DRYVEX machine

Our very own DRYVEX

We come prepared with our very own DRYVEX machine. The DRYVEX is basically a drying machine on steroids. We use this machine to dry really big residential homes or comercial buildings. It is fantasitic to have our very own drying machine. It especially comes in handy when you need to get to a job on short notice and need to start drying as soon as possible. This  machine helps in more ways then just one! When our priotiy is to get your home or buisiness back to you with key in hand in the shortest period of time as possible.

Photo of water technician

Water Tecnichian on Duty

Our water techs take pride in their work. They arrive ready to work and with everything needed to start the job if possible. We come overly prepared so we can take all if not some of the stress that usually comes along with these mishaps. So you can rest a little more easy and not worry as much. Our techs are more then willing to answer any questions to ease your mind. If they can not answer your question they are qiuck to go and find the answer.

SERVPRO process of floating technique

Our "Floating" Technique

The way to start this drying process is by using a technique known as "floating". This process needs to be done properly so not all of the carpet gets pulled up so the air can have a rotation like effect underneath the carpet. This process will dry out the carpet so it can be saved allowing us to finish the job more quickly. As you can plainly see we take pride in what we do and with that we were able to save the carpet.